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Are attendees of Tesla⚡️Con Texas guaranteed to receive an invitation to Tesla's Giga Opening Party?
No. Tesla decides who attends that event.

Is your main event open to non-Tesla owners?

Absolutely! However parking at the main event will be reserved solely for Tesla vehicles.

Is there a cost to attend?
Ticket pricing for the main event is available here.

How many people have RSVP-ed?

We've received more than 2,000 individual sign-ups so far.

Including the the total number of +1 guests, our RSVP list now exceeds 4,700 people.

Will Tesla⚡️Con Texas be awesome?

We sure hope so! Please keep in mind that this is the first time our club has organized an event of this magnitude. Please bring a positive mindset, be willing to be patient if circumstances call for it, and if you are able and willing, look for ways you can volunteer and contribute. This event is being organized and run by fans, just like you, and all of us have other work commitments. None of us are being compensated to create this event. So your help will be appreciated and welcome.

Who can I contact if I want to get involved?
Email and let us know how you want to help and/or what you want to contribute.

What will your approach be to COVID-19?
We will refer all attendees to Travis County's guidelines and request everyone follow these guidelines. Given that COVID-19 is an evolving situation, we suggest checking on the county's guidelines as the event approaches. Please expect that our event volunteers and organizers will not be able to force any attendee to do anything one way or another and that compliance with the guidelines is on an at-will basis. Please attend only if you are comfortable accepting associated risks.

Given Tesla's mission, what's your viewpoint on attendees flying? 
We encourage as many people as possible to drive a Tesla, which is both more sustainable and will help us break the world record for Tesla vehicles gathered in one place.

Will there be sufficient charging?
Yes, in our opinion. Tesla has recently opened over 100 Tesla Supercharger stalls in the greater Austin area. Add in many destination chargers, and other public charging network options, and we see sufficient capacity. If we end up with a few lines for charging, look at it as an opportunity to socialize with your fellow Tesla drivers.

To be extra safe, we suggest you charge to 80%+ at the final Supercharger on your journey before you arrive in Austin.

What accommodations do you suggest?

Check back closer to the event, and we'll suggest accommodations with destination charging.

Can you help with carpools and/or caravans?

We may be able to create a communication system for people to find each other who want to caravan and/or carpool, check back closer to the event.

Will Tesla⚡️Con Texas be a regular event in the future?

At this time, we are only planning this one event. If it's successful, we hope it will generate momentum for future Tesla⚡️Con events, and we hope Tesla would agree to this happening. Although Telsa is not sponsoring this event, Tesla will decide whether or not the name Tesla⚡️Con may be used again in the future.

Does Tesla⚡️Con Texas have any connection to any past event that was named TeslaCon?


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